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My eye caught the expiration date of 1/2 and 1/2 milk carton which was way over due, and then my brain had this thought, "what about my expiration date."  I took a deep breath and moved on with the day.

The sunset and rose again to learn a friend of my husbands passed away.  She was alone in her home when she tripped going down the stairs and suffered internal bleeding.  More deep breaths.

Then breaking news, a random act of violence shocks parishioners at a peaceful Sunday service in Texas.   This news hits a bit harder and breathing isn't as easy.
I pray, and that helps.  As I sit in stillness, a soft inner voice says, "life is fragile, handle with care."  The question is, how do we obey this call?


I am in the business of awareness, kinda like an awareness referee.  Can you picture it, like in a football game.  I'm blowing the whistle as someone is crossing the street..."YELLOW FLAG ON SAM...UNCONSCIOUS ACT OF CROSSING THE STREET WHILE LOOKING DOWN AT CELL PHONE"...and I make some complicated arm gesture signifying the foul.  (Could be a nice line of work...anyway.) All this awareness business that I am committed to as a Lifestyle Concierge is about loosening you of unhealthy views and behaviors and replacing them with ones that carry joy, purpose, and freedom.  

In spiritual realms confronting and coping with our expiration date is the holy grail.  The self-conquest calls for vast amounts of inner growth.  Are you up for it? 

When you decide you are all in, you aim to see life through a wider lens, to not get caught up in the details.  You begin to take better care of the very instrument, the body/mind, that carries the largest influence on your joy.   I mean, you wouldn’t dare abuse the high-end brand new car I just gave you for your birthday, would you?! Shouldn’t the same objective hold true for the body and mind?  When the priceless value of your body and mind becomes so ingrained into your DNA, you rarely need a reminder that life is fragile and we need to handle it with care.  When we know it and can own it from the inside, no matter how mundane life gets, we open our minds to new ways of seeing.  We create a willing heart to surrender to what is (or the “is-ness” as Eckart Tolle would say) and find joy in all things.  This is a worldview I invite you to contemplate and then to strive to embody.  It will help make what time you have on planet earth more meaningful.

Contemplation of your expiration date infuses a natural urge to want to change for the better.  You are willing to let go of burdensome habits and obtain ones that make you feel light and open.  You are equally willing to take stock of the mind and use all the tools and means necessary to uncover the clarity and tranquility that resides at the core of your being.   (It’s true, it’s there, trust me, it’s in all of us, we just need to reveal it.)  When you courageously face your expiration date, you can live a heart-centered path that is born out of the deepest respect for all things that are continually changing, especially your aging body and mind.  

Hey here’s an idea… maybe we should all get a tattoo on our wrists  (ouch, painful!) that says (in pretty font of course) “expiration date: unknown.”  I have a gut feeling this would prove to be the right reminder to live the most courageous and compassionate life possible.  I'd be in line with you.  Afterall, are in this together.

With love, JOE

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