tan·trum, tantrəm/ noun: an uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration, typically in a young child.

There is a profound yoga teaching that could radically improve your life.  The catch is that it won’t come without some inner stomping and screaming.  Yes, a childlike tantrum is justified, but if you can move past that, it will be entirely worth it!  In many ways, this teaching is so impactful that if we all practiced and mastered this, it would significantly decrease our collective suffering by making the path to solutions and joy more obvious.  Let's dive in together!

Steady Body:  

The second we rise and welcome a day, we are in motion...constantly!  All this movement can equate to only so much insight.  But it's not easy to slow the momentum down.  Stillness has its vital place in the spectrum of inner awakening and abundance.  This quest is made doubly difficult due to the constant wanderings of the mind.  I mean, when we get right down to it, the mind IS the cause of our overactive bodies.  If you were to be still right now, your thoughts would command you to move in a matter of seconds and they might cause you to throw a tantrum.  But it’s the steady body that gives rise to a different quality of consciousness that expands, not contracts, your experience of life.  How could this be a bad thing?  The stillness asks that you shift your perspective and perception of yourself and the world. Your resistance to this is normal since the experience is unfamiliar.  What stillness gives you is a new lens on life allows you to make better choices that aid in your health and happiness.  

Balanced Breath:  

Our mind is always active, which equates to a constant stream of thoughts.  All thoughts have some color or quality which impacts your nervous system either negatively or positively.  And what impacts your nervous system, impacts your breathing.  But we can’t simply direct the mind to STOP.  That just doesn't happen. The yoga tradition says, pave this path in reverse.  First focus on the breath.  Make it smooth, circular and even.  This means your breath is a fluid, ever flowing and the rate of inhaling matches the rate of exhaling.  Seems easy until you realize that your body is a warehouse of your past actions, thoughts, and experience.  (Fact: that warehouse is larger than the biggest Amazon distribution center!)  So because of all those inner experiences, when you try to consciously shape the breath, it’s rigid or uneven.  The breath is the revealer life experiences.  This is why daily practice of your breath is so vital because if you can improve the quality of your breath, it can eventually tame the seemingly untamable mind.

Witness Awareness:  

We have amazing abilities as humans to shape our perception.  What I find causes more consistent pain is the micro-moments of your day that agitate the heart and gut. Yes, we brush them off to power through the day, but in the end, they add up and cause unwanted tension in the breath and body which leads to more movement of thoughts inside your mind.  (Tantrums abound!) But ask yourself, where is the real sustaining power?  Not in the use of your mind for pure intellect alone but in the power to see your seeing.  To increase consciousness, you have the inner guide as a human to be aware of your awareness. Now isn't that cool!?  That connection with the witness brings about massive opportunities to know what you are choosing at any given moment (e.g. how you sit, breath, speak, tension, healthy vs. unhealthy choices) - how all your actions truly add up to your current present moment. To activate the witnessing awareness requires the companion of a steady body and breath that can be shaped to help deepen your concentration.  In many ways, all three of these work in concert to reshape your lens on life.

Final Thoughts

If you want to know yourself, I'd suggest finding a new groove to shape into your routine of life.  Any of the above would do that but none of the above are all that easy.  I know.  I've had many tantrums to prove it!  The 'how' of all this is not something I can address 'en mass' but through your unique lens on life.  That is why I'm a firm believer that the best way to accelerate your growth is through the student-teacher bond. I created the Lifestyle Concierge Experience, so you can feel supported and guided when you ready for your tantrum.