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If you were to ask me what business I am in, I'd tell you I am in the business of awareness.  When I work as a Lifestyle Concierge, I aim to open your mind, body, and heart to new possible landscapes of seeing because that is where any pain and suffering resides.  There is always opportunity to lift the fog so you can see more clearly, with less pain.  It requires some zooming in and magnifying your inner world through skillful means so your clear, calm and tranquil mind can radiate out into your daily life.

One place where you might be able to lift the fog is when you try to manipulate your outer world so it fits with your inner version of happiness.  Some of these statements might resonate with you:

  • Peace will come when I find a quiet mountaintop.

  • If I could just get rid of "X," I can finally be happy.

  • I'm only content when it's 80 degrees and sunny.

  • When my house is clean, I can relax.

It isn't that you shouldn't try to improve the conditions of your outer world, but when the inner world is bypassed, it becomes an icy uphill journey.  When we look to other people or situations to be different to make your joy come shining through, it stunts your growth.  NO fun!  As the holiday's approach and you feel innner tension building, you might have the urge to create conditional happiness.   I will help, in part, by sharing a clear path on how become less reliant on external factors to suit your happiness.

Feeling sustained joy and contentment from the inside requires the lightest of touches, a teaspoon of curiosity, a handful of compassion and buckets of willingness to adapt to change.  

The Lightest of Touch
To refocus your lens and lift the fog, you first have to learn to SEE more of the mind which is the center of your universe and truly dictates how any moment is going to be experienced.  When the mind is disturbed, distracted or dulled, so will your lens on life.  Perfecting your lens on life, which is my 20/20 Yoga tagline, is about perfecting the mind to be still and one-pointed.  This takes the lightest of touches.  It's your mind after all, and it should be handled with uber care.  To me, there is no more noble self-conquest since the mind is the core of your experience to owning happiness and bliss.  

A Teaspoon of Curiosity
This is why I advocate stillness as a natural expression of your being. Stillness allows you to become curious about the content of the mind and thus connect with the thoughts and beliefs that hold you back.  Do you need the weather to be sunny and 80 degrees for you to feel good on the inside?  This inner work of stillness and meditation can make you weatherproof, built mentally resilient to deal with the rougher external conditions of life.  A teaspoon equals 5 minutes a day of stillness and curiosity.  Scouts honor, that would make a world of difference.  

A Handful of Compassion
Once you are willing to be still, then it's just a matter of applying some simple tools to nurture your inner life.  This requires a handful of compassion since it's not easy to hear the realities of your thoughts and beliefs.  This is where the breath becomes such a vital part of discovering enough calm to let yourself go into the darkness of the thinking mind.  As a Lifestyle Concierge, it's my job to make sure you use the breath to the best of your abilities to allow for this inward growth.

A Willingness to Adapt to Change
The effects aren't instant, but in time with the right practice (relaxation, meditation, body movement or postures, breathing techniques, visualizations) the mind will reveal to you the false thoughts, and beliefs, such as you don't need to go on vacation to feel peace.  Once you know it, you can't unknow it.  Your willingness to adapt to these inner awakenings becomes the cornerstone of your journey.  Without getting too specific, what I have seen in myself and my students, is that many significant shifts are coupled with an emotional component.  This allows your inner lens on life to reset, and lift the fog.  In fact, I shed a few tears in my meditation practice today, letting go of something deep.   Trust the intelligence of those moments and don't get in the way. 

It's possible to do all these steps on your own, but it's challenging and may just take a bit longer.  I can help, and I encourage you to reach out to me, so we can have a quick chat about how we might be able to lift your fog and find sustained joy and contentment.