Learning to meditate today is writing a love letter to your future



Learning to meditate today is writing a love letter to your future

Next Challenge Begins 1/1/18!!

4 Weeks to Greater Health and Happiness

Joe Somodi / Meditation Guide

Joe Somodi / Meditation Guide

Meditation can be a game-changer for your health and happiness.  Modern science to ancient texts prove there are countless benefits when you meditate. (Click here for benefits)

The external world is currently creating countless waves of tension, anxiety, stress, depression, worry, and uncertainty about the future.  This makes it increasingly hard for you to remain steady in the midst of all this change.  You want to thrive in this turbulent climate, but how can you when your gut and mind are filled with unease? The answer, according to yoga, is steeped in your ability to use the amazing body, breath, and mind you have to become your greatest ally.

In the spirit of the times, I have created this 30-Day Impact Challenge™ that will train and focus the body, breath, and mind so all become positive vehicles for change in your outer world experience.  Your daily choices and reactions will not be dictated by the turbulence around you but rather the calm and steady feeling inside you, which is clearly cultivated when using your body, breath and mind.

Modern science and ancient yoga both agree that when your mind is clear, calm, and tranquil, you can live a purposeful and fulfilling life.

This Impact Challenge™ is presented in with 4 distinctive meditation practices.  Each week is progressive, which means they slowly build your knowledge and wisdom about how the body, breath, and mind can positively alter your view of the external world. 

If you really desire significant change and care deeply about your mind and body, then you will answer the call and commit 100% for the next 30 Days and gain amazing benefits.

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The Best Online 30 Day Meditation Challenge

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Here's How It Works

Once you sign up you will receive 4 comprehensive emails, one a week, that will fully explain your goals and intentions for the next 7 days.  However you will not be alone in your meditation pursuits.  I will be your cheerleader-in-resident along with the other participants from the month.  We will be sure to connect and share often so we are learning from each other.  You will also get access to my meditation tutorial videos that will help any beginner get started with their practice.

This challenge includes:

  • 4 Unique Meditations that focus on relieving stress, anxiety and depression

  • 4 Comprehensive emails that give you exactly what your goals and intentions are for the next 7 days

  • 30 days of my cheerleader support that will help keep you accountable and learning about meditation

  • Community support from the other participants who want to become engaged

  • Tutorial Videos to get anyone started on their journey



Not My Words

Not My Words

This program is incredibly well designed.  The meditations and weekly emails show up right on schedule in your inbox.  Joe’s intro to each weekly meditation is helpful, and the length of the meditations is perfect. There is just the right balance of communication.  His emails were helpful and supportive but didn’t put pressure on me that could have turned it into a guilt fest (though I did a pretty good job of that all on my own). Joe’s clear answers to my questions and ability to explain how things should be done without sounding scolding is definitely a wonderful balance and helped me to feel successful and empowered. 

Cathy Holman | (Challenge Participant - May 2017)

The Impact Challenge gave me something I’d longed for since I was a teenager but had remained beyond my grasp: a daily meditation practice. As a recovering perfectionist, I feared sitting every day because I didn’t think I was doing it right—or well enough. But with Joe’s regular emails I began looking forward to hearing his gentle voice guide, motivate, and give me permission to show up exactly as I was. And so I did. Again and again. Until it became habit. It simply became the way I started my day. And I’ve continued now for 10 months. Not every day, but most days, and not always for long stretches of time. But I show up for myself, as myself, as a matter of course, to truly and deeply connect with something larger than myself. And that has changed every part of my life in ways both subtle and dramatic. Giving myself the gift of this challenge set something in motion that’s bigger and more profound than I could have ever imagined. Thank you, Joe!

Marin Heinritz, PhD, RYT-500  (Challenge participant - September 2016)

I signed up for the 30 Impact Challenge because I love Joe's teachings and wanted to be supportive of his new endeavor.  Little did I expect that I would be challenged, changed, and learn how to create the habit of meditating. I have learned how to calm myself down, to be aware but not judge and to be present in good and tough situations.  I appreciate Joe's steady leadership and the way he gradually led us to learn more about meditation and the lasting benefit it has for each of us. You are a blessing Joe!

Mary Kay-Baker - (Challenge Participant - January 2016)

I have been practicing meditation since September 2016. Joe's challenge and guidance into a new view of your Self is incredible and shows you the ability to free yourself in so many ways.  And having spent time talking with Joe, I can confirm he is insightful, supportive, and inspiring. This is the best decision I have made in a long time - one for myself today, tomorrow, on onward.

Tim VanderWerp (Challenge Participant - September 2016)

Thank you, so so much (!!!) for this challenge.  You have opened my mind so much deeper to meditation. I feel comfortable exploring on my own.  Making time for me, and my inner world is now accessible.  Joe, your light is amazing and bright. I'm glad to have met you.

Lindsay Primorac - (Challenge Participant - September 2016)

I just completed the 30 day challenge.  Joe is one of the Wise Ones, and I can't say enough good things about his ability to help one along the meditation path.  The main thing about it is that it's safe and completely universal--for everyone.  There is no ideology or sermonizing, just a good solid foundation of understanding the spine and the breath and stillness, inner and outer. What could be easier? And, in our much-too-busy age, what could be harder? That's a paradox, a seeming contradiction that really isn't a contradiction at all. Joe helped me understand this. I intend to passionately keep at it from month to month and year to year. The skills that he teaches his students truly do help improve a person's overall well being. From a certain point of view, it's science. Thanks Joe!

Edward Yankee (Challenge Participant - September 2016)

What I loved most about the challenge was how nurturing it felt. Despite the distance of thousands of miles between us, Joe still created an intimate experience. I didn't feel like I was just one of many but that I was being personally guided and looked after. Joe found ways to personalize the group practice so that I felt individually invited into growth and change. He provided many tools to create the habit of meditation. I'd highly recommend this 30 day journey to anyone who is interested in learning to commit to a practice.

Christian Duhamel - Challenge Participant - January 2016

I'd highly recommend this challenge. It's top notch.  Joe clearly outlines the path and it's very easy to follow.  I found the meditations were just the right amount of time for me to settle in and get the most out of my 15 minutes.  Joe's voice is soothing and really helps motivate me to practice.  The private portal where I could access all the tools for the challenge is easy to access and very helpful.  In short, I learned a lot about meditation and was able to create a consistent habit of meditating.

Michael Lowry - Challenge Participant - January 2016

I'm so glad I signed up for the Impact Challenge™ with Joe! I learned everyday about what mediation is and all of its benefits.  The daily practice and the special 5-minute Impact Talks™ taught me so much about myself and how I relate to the world.  I would highly recommend this challenge to anyone who is interested in developing their meditation practice.  Joe is an excellent teacher!!

Vinci Hui (Challenge Participant - March 2016)

I am so grateful for Joe.  This challenge changed my life.  With such a high level of stress, chronic pain and exhaustion, my heart was heavy and needing guidance.  This Impact Challenge™ lifted my spirits.  Now I believe fully in the power and purpose of meditation.  I'm hooked.  Meditation has truly shown me that I have an inside world that is so much more welcoming than the outside world and it is always there for me.  I found my soul during this challenge and I can see a future with less stress, positivity, and making choices that will serve my happiness.

Celeste Mackenzie (challenge participant - march 2016)

This 30 Day Impact Challenge™ gave me a place to not just dip my toes into the waters of meditation, but to actually fully step into it and really experience what daily meditation feels like. Joe walked us all through these waters with guidance and an uncanny ability to say just what I needed to hear. One thing that surprised me was the sense of community that he organized for us. Knowing that there were others meditating somewhere in the world was moving and made the experience more powerful and healing.  My life has been so profoundly changed as I now walk within the clear eye of the storm.  Thank you Joe!

Kim Brady-Bahrani (Challenge Participant - march 2016)

THANK YOU so much for offering us this opportunity Joe.  I have been a yoga instructor since 1994. I have lead countless meditations, but believe it or not, have never cultivated a lasting regular meditation practice for myself. I joined this group because I am determined to make lasting and meaningful change in my health and life. However, I did not expect the substantive changes I have found in just over two weeks. My heart is blossoming and opening and I am feeling much more centered and peaceful. It is truly amazing. I am so overjoyed and grateful. Again, thank you for your time, energy and love.

Mary-Jo Guidry Okawa (Challenge Participant - January 2016)

I've successfully been on this WONDERFUL journey for the last month.  I HIGHLY recommend this extremely helpful challenge to anyone that wants to find pure happiness and self love.  Joe Somodi has created this FABULOUS challenge to help newcomers or even regular meditators better their meditation practice.  He is a tremendous help and amazing support during the entire journey.  I didn't know what to expect going into it, but even after the first few days I knew this was legit.  I feel as if I've begun a whole new life!  It's so beautiful and life-changing.  Join this challenge if you're ready for an even better life.

Bobby Ackerman (Challenge Participant - March 2016)

Although my truth is that I did not have as much success as I would have liked to during this challenge, I definitely did leave feeling inspired. Being my first ever meditation challenge, I am proud to have even made it a little bit through, as I am conscious that this practice is just that; a practice...and it takes time. I not only felt Inspired to try something like this again and work on self-discipline, but also felt gratitude and respect towards Joe. I am impressed by Joe's passion that he share through this program and also for the dedication you put towards creating a safe space and common intention between so many people across the country.  Thank you for devoting your time towards us all...even if we didn't 'succeed', you made a difference! 

Jenny Gibb (Challenge Participant - January 2016)

This challenge was the perfect start to make meditation a daily practice.  Although I wasn't as consistent with my practice as I wanted to be, I still got valuable glimpses into the power of the mind and breath through your systematic program.  Meditation has always felt overwhelming and scary for me, but your program eliminated my doubts.  I really loved how accessible and approachable you were throughout the entire 30 days.  You gave me an intimate experience that I will cherish for a long time.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Celia Smith (Challenge Participant - January 2016)

Working with Joe helped deepen my understanding of what it means to meditate.  He is 100% responsible for my personal awakening to my inner world through meditation.  He is an inspiration to me.  The man truly loves what he does with all his being, and in turn, I received everything his love had to offer.  If you are looking for a taste of the benefits that meditation can bring, this Impact Challenge™ is exactly the kind of practice you should invest in.  He dedicates himself to you with the kind of time and attention you would require for familiarizing yourself with this powerful new muscle and the way your life can change for the better.  If ever I felt along or confused, Joe was always ready to help - at a touch of a button.  Do yourself a favor and start practicing meditation today.  I will forever be grateful for everything Joe opened my eyes to.  

Alex Sherwin (Challenge Participant - March 2016)

Engaging in the Impact 30 Meditation Challenge inspired me to commit to a daily practice for 30 days, which then inspired me to continue meditating each morning on my own. It was fun to be part of a group that was doing this together, and I liked using technology to convene the group and augment our meditation education with impact talks.

Kathy Hayes (Challenge Participant - January 2016)

Joe is superb at setting the right pace and taking students mentally to the right place in his guided meditations. He cares deeply that each of his students find success. The course is effective, convenient, and most of all will help you begin or sustain a meditation practice.

Jean Hanson (Challenge Participant - January 2016)

Want to meditate but never could?  Me too! Until this.  I've just completed the Impact Challenge™ and I'm here to tell you it's some life-changing stuff.  Joe is amaze balls and this program eases you into the habit of meditation so smoothly you hardly know what's happening until one day you discover you can't live with out it.  Do it. You won't regret it. 

Sarah Lupis (Challenge Participant - March 2016)

What I've loved most about this Impact Challenge, besides the daily discipline to learn how to meditate, were the Impact Talks™.  They gave me a lot to ponder outside of my practice.  I loved closing my eyes and listening to each one before I did my meditation, which made it easier for me to sit and meditate.  The Impact Talks™ have a lot of inspiring advice that have significantly changed my lens on life.  I won't lie, this challenge was in fact...a challenge!  But nothing good comes easy.  My experience was more beautiful through Joe's graceful and generous support.  He kept cheering me on all the way to the finish.  This challenge has given me the wings I need to fly higher than I ever thought was possible.

Holly Dunn (Challenge Participant -  March 2016)

I found this challenge to be most helpful in releasing stress and focusing my mind on all that is good in the world and the endless possibilities life has to offer.  Not so easy to do in these turbulent times. 

Micheal Quinn (Challenge Participant - March 2016)

Joe is an inspiring teacher and guide. He led me to meditation, stressing the value of daily practice but also helping me understand the simplicity of the discipline. He is patient, wise, and generous, with a genuine concern for his students' growth. I feel blessed to know him and to have benefited from his knowledge.

Tom Gualtieri (Meditation Student - 2013)

Joe's personal style of teaching meditation has helped me think clearer, reduced my anxiety and imparted peace and happiness in my life.  I am also better prepared in dealing with unexpected life crisis.

Dina Khader (Challenge Participate - January 2016)

Joe's approach helped me incorporate meditation into my daily routine!  Even if only 5 minutes is available, his techniques allow me to make meditation a reality!

Sandy Collins (Meditation student - 2013)

Joe's teaching was simple, concise and exactly what I needed to get me to the next level of incorporating meditation into my yoga practice. Thanks to Joe, I've expanded my practice greatly and now teach yoga and meditation regularly. 

Adam James (Meditation Student - 2013)

I had confidence; based on his reputation, that Joe would do everything he could to educate me about the practice of meditation.   Indeed, he more than lived up to this promise by taking a personal interest in my practice.   This attention to inform, educate, and personalize his services is what helped to make our interactions memorable.

Bill Bing (Meditation Student -  2013)