Reasons for engaging in a private session:

  • Overcome physical / mental pain

  • Increase digestive power (both mentally & physically)

  • Improve vital core strength

  • Increase your spine mobility & strength

  • Significantly reduce stress, anxiety, depression

  • Deeply understanding the source of anger, fear, self-doubt

  • Focus your life's purpose

  • Be more joyful & abundant on your journey

Ways your clarity & healing can be reached:

  • Life Coaching - to Deeply focus your present & future

  • Hatha YogA - Moving mindfully with breath

  • Reiki: Hands on energy healing

  • Gentle Massage

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Deep Breathing

  • Mindful Meditation Practices

  • Combination of any of the above

Ways to connect:

  • Face-to-face - the best!!

  • Skype,Facetime or similar       

  • Telephone (so old fashion)

  • Instant messaging (yes, i've done entire sessions like this!)

Each session you will get:

  • Audio Recording of the session

  • Customized personal practice to support your goals

  • 2-3 Email follow-ups for further clarification, focus and motivation

  • Privacy & super safe space to explore & improve your life

  • Evaluation & Reflection Form

Ready-Made Sessions

Can we talk?  This session can be conducted in-person or from a distance and is the ideal place for you to ask questions, dig deeper or even vent life's frustrations. We will take a wide angle view to your life and see where your mind has taken you off course.  Ultimately the goal is to gain more clarity on in the present moment and give you very tangible actions to change unproductive patterns.  Contact me about pricing options.

Mind Diving  This session will teach you more about the mind and how you can embrace its complexity.  It will introduce you to how the mind processes information daily and how you can better address the negative or unproductive patterns that are on the surface.  It will be part discussion and part experiential.  You will leave with super vital tools and practices on how to keep your mind clear, calm and tranquil.  Contact me about pricing options.

Body Love This session is about embracing the body you live in.   Because if you don't care for your body, where are you going to live?  We will use basic yoga movements with a deep connection to the breath to explore where you are currently and discover where you need/want to go.  We'll keep an open mind throughout the session.  You will leave with a practice that is suited to your lifestyle and personal goals. Contact me about pricing options.

Spa Day  This session is a combination of a 30-minute gentle massage, 30-minute yoga session and concludes  with a 30-minute guided relaxation.  This is a real treat and should be savored for those times your body and mind are need of being recharged. Contact me about pricing options.

Create Your Own Packages

  • Inquire with me about other Bundle sessions. Packages Greatly reduce the price and accelerate your progress.