Why You Are Here

To the best of your ability you have tried to answer the harder questions of life: how do I suffer less, live with more joy and maximize the full potential of my body and mind?  But roadblocks keep emerging.  Familiar physical or mental pains are friendly reminders that life doesn't have to be this hard.  You know this is your one shot to make the best of this life.  

You are ready to stop business as usual.  You crave meaningful answers, want to live with more authenticity and unlock your hidden gifts and talents.  

You are a truth seeker.  You are a striver.

What makes you so exceptional, is that you were born with the innate ability to disentangle yourself from pain and suffering.  What a relief, right!?

You have the passion for taking on the radical responsibility for confronting reality head-on.  The Lifestyle Concierge Program is where significant breakthroughs, both small and large, come through practices that are customized to fit you like a glove.  These practices are your link to building direct experiences with the teachings so you gradually dissolve tension, anxiety, depression, anger, fear, or uncertainty so that you can feel lighter and freer.  

As a striver, you understand that a prescription-based approach will give you a new perception of yourself and the world around you.  Customized practices, such as physical poses, deep breathing or meditation, help to connect you to your body and rewire the mind so you can experience a fresh understanding of yourself.   As the French author, Marcel Proust wrote, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”  These new eyes lift the foggy perceptions of where your pain once resided and transforms it into joy. 

What are the details of this experience?

The Lifestyle Concierge Experience is a month-to-month, practice-based program.  It is rooted in the belief that lasting change comes from direct experience with the teachings and consistent practice.  By becoming a striver in the Lifestyle Concierge Experience, you will have uninterrupted access to me and the time-test methods rooted in a 5,000-year-old unbroken yoga lineage.  The practices will help you embody a clear, calm and tranquil mind and embolden a life with purpose and meaning.  As your teacher, I will meet you where you are, so we can take you where you want to go.  Each month, my intention is to keep you accountable to the practices which will become the cornerstone for you to dissolve your mental, physical, emotional obstacles.  The methods used could include deep breathing, physical routines, guided relaxation, concentration, a variety of meditation styles, self-reflection, or study through online articles, videos or chapters in books.  Each month you connect with me privately through Facetime, Zoom or Skype.  For about a half hour we might discuss goals you desire to reach, obstacles that are in your way, teachings that will help you support your life or how your custom practice is progressing. These monthly check-ins keep you accountable, creates a strong teacher-student bond, and most importantly, assists in accelerating your growth.

What do I get?
*Deep Dive SESSION: This is a one-time self-inquiry discussion that uncovers your inner-GPS, so you know where you are now and where you want to go.  It's an opportunity to get to know what is on your mind and how I can be of support to you.  This comes with an intake evaluation and self-reflection tools that will support our conversation, so in one hour we can cover a lot of ground.  This deep dive sets the foundation for the concierge experience. [Optional Add-on: $150]

*Monthly Connections: This our time to make sure you are heading in the right direction.  For about ½ hour each month we connection, via Skype, Facetime, Zoom or any other way, to dig deeper into your life and assess how your custom practice is progressing.  During this time, we might make any adjustments to your practice, discuss how your goals are progressing, or obstacles you encountered over the past month.  The sky is the limit.  
[Value: $75/call]

*Continual Feedback and Support: One of the key features of this experience is being able to keep the conversation going in real-time.  You have access to me for regular input, feedback, to ask straightforward and complex questions or just to say "hey."  In whatever way you prefer, (email, text, voice/video messages), you can connect with me at most any time which enables the lines of our student-teacher connection to flow effortlessly.  I keep a policy of getting back to you within a few hours.  Also, for no extra cost, I often produce audio or video responses (whichever makes sense), so the communication is more efficiently. [Value: $150/month]

*Quarterly Group Calls: All monthly strivers will be invited to attend an online deep dive presentation.  The talks will be motivated by the self-inquiry work that the community of strivers is doing.  The intention is to tap the collective conscious needs and desires so I can offer practical ways to enhance your practice and life. It also gives like-minded people a chance to meet and have spontaneous discussions.  And if you are unable to attend, it will be recorded.  [Value: $150/call]

*Spontaneous Gifts of Gratitude: As I get to know you better, I will get a better intuitive sense of what you need to keep you on track.  And from time to time, I'll sprinkle your inbox with "thinking of you" messages that aligned with where you are.  These could be links to a video or article, a quote or poem that gives you support and encouragement and just to let you know, well, I am thinking about you. [Value: Priceless]

What is the investment?

After a 15-month beta testing period of this program, I discovered each striver receives, on average, 2 hours of personalized attention each month. My typical hourly rate is $150, which means the cost would be $300 per month.  If you factor in all the features, the cost is almost $400 per month.  The beta testing also taught me the longer a student committed, the more breakthroughs they were able to have.     So to encourage that growth the price per month is only $108.

And yes... 108 is an auspicious number!

Read more here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/108_(number)

As a monthly striver, you also get:

*Flexibility:  This means you can stay active for as long as you want and leave whenever the time feels right, no questions asked.

*Ideal Time Slot:  As a striver, I want you to be able to meet with me each month at your ideal time.  So within reason, I make my schedule pretty open to you, so it can accommodate your busy, ever changing schedule.  

*Capacity Limit:  The good news for you is that I guarantee to limit my bandwidth.  This means the quality of your experience will never suffer.  As of August 2017, the Lifestyle Concierge Experience is at 35% capacity, and it will never go beyond a community of 50 strivers.


Month-to-Month for $108


AGREEMENT FORM FOR YOUR SIGNATURE: https://fs29.formsite.com/wKSLTD/form1/index.html

When I signed up for his Lifestyle Concierge Experience is when real growth began. At that time I was drained. My stress was at an all time high. Through the customized practices Joe created, like deep breathing, relaxation, meditation, yoga poses, and self-reflection exercises, I felt a gradual softening within, an ability to step back in stressful situations and observe before I act.

No matter all the twists and turns I encountered over the past year, Joe consistently directed my energy, meet me where I am, which ultimately led to a new understanding of myself. For the first time in my life, I am less directed by anger and fear. And this is after a year of working with Joe!

What I didn’t know before signing up for the Lifestyle Concierge Experience was how crucial it is to have a teacher. Joe’s compassion was essential, along with his challenging questions, encouragement to challenge me, and his insight to alter the practice when needed. I would not have successfully dealt with all the stress the last year without all of these tools that I received from this program.
— Nancy Arnold (Wisconsin)
Joe brings an amazing intuitive skill to the mentoring and teaching of students. He knows how to bring you to a daily practice that you will actually do and he encourages you to discover for yourself the very personal meaning of meditation and daily practice in your own life. It’s time to get serious. You will not find a kinder or more dedicated practitioner than Joe. And my favorite thing about Joe is that rather than using the word “happy” he replaces it with “joy’. THAT three letter word is my new favorite.
— Debbie Williams (Washington D.C.)
Working with Joe has taught me so much about Yoga as a practice and as a way of living. Stressful situations can still be stressful, but the negative impact they now have on my life has been drastically reduced. I can’t imagine living life without the tools that Joe has given me.
— Austin Tobin (New York)
Joe created a daily practice for me which has provided immeasurable lasting value. My creativity and resulting productivity are open, flowing and on another level. It is so great to be awake!
— Adam James (California)